EDIT // 5 Favorites from Jayson Home

EDIT // 5 Favorites from Jayson Home

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A round up of cool things from @jaysonhome…just because.

Selenite Fireplace Logs
Brass Pencil Holder
Marble Chain
Astier de Villate Robusto Mechanical Pencils
Astier de Villate Dragon Three Legged Vase

Selenite Fireplace Logs | $330.00

They’re selenite and huge and so perfect. Click here to see the logs in situ.

Brass Pencil Holder | $75.00

For those therapeutic coloring sessions (in your adult coloring book).

Marble Chain | $68.00

A giant marble chain for your coffee table? Hell yeah.

Astier de Villatte Robusto Mechanical Pencils | $14.00

When two worlds collide: A mechanical pencil by Astier de Villate. Stop it right now!

Astier de Villatte Dragon Three Legged Vase | $408.00

It’s the legs for me. Also, never enough Astier de Villate.